Robot Virtual Worlds

Tutorials to help you learn how to use Robot Virtual Worlds

Step 2-1 Download and Install ROBOTC's Robot Virtual Worlds

Before you can begin, you will need to download the Robot Virtual Worlds software below. Pick which platform you wish to use (LEGO Mindstorms NXT or VEX Robotics Cortex) and download and install the appropriate version.



    *Note: If you are a ROBOTC 2.0 user, installing Robot Virtual Worlds will automatically upgrade your version of ROBOTC to 3.x. Look at your selected platform's "Purchase" page for more information.


Step 2-2: Watch the following video

Step 2a: Setting up RVW
(I've never installed ROBOTC 3.0)


This video explains how to install Robot Virtual Worlds for First Time users.



  1. Launch ROBOTC (from your Desktop icon or Start Menu)
  2. Go to the "Robot" menu, and make sure that the "Compiler Target" is set to "Virtual Worlds" instead of "Physical Robot".
  3. Next, select a Virtual World to use by going to the "Window" menu, select a Virtual World in the "Select Virtual World to use" menu option.
  4. Now you're ready to download a program to your virtual robot!

How to use
Robot Virtual Worlds (RVW)

Click the videos in sequence to learn how to use Robot Virtual Worlds!

NOTE: Robot Virtual Worlds requires ROBOTC 3.0

Step 1

Step 2 - Pick One

I've never used ROBOTC 3.0

Setting up RVW
(First Time User)


I already have ROBOTC 3.0 installed

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5