nMotorPIDSpeedCtrl[] - what do TMotorRegulation values do?
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Author:  tullynyguy [ Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  nMotorPIDSpeedCtrl[] - what do TMotorRegulation values do?


I'm a new mentor to an FTC team. The team is driving a tetrix motor with a HiTechic DC motor controller. They want to programmatically control turning the PID on and off for a certain motor, even though the pragma for the motor sets the PID on. nMotorPIDSpeedCtrl[] seems like it should do the trick. Looking at this page for the possible TMotorRegulation values: ... Regulation, there are a number of possible values. The meaning of some are obvious, but what do the others mean?
mtrNoReg - Turn PID off
mtrSpeedReg - PID on, regulating motor speed
mtrSyncRegMaster - ??
mtrSyncRegSlave - ??
mtrEncoderReg - ?? - this one might be very interesting to us

By looking on the columns, it appears to indicate that tetrix supports all of these values. Anyone know if this is the case?

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