EV3, NXTServo-v3 driver suite, examples, and RobotC 4.52
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Author:  wanderoid [ Thu Feb 18, 2016 9:36 pm ]
Post subject:  EV3, NXTServo-v3 driver suite, examples, and RobotC 4.52

Posted this as a reply to a similar question under a similar topic, but this probably does need it's own topic. I'm thinking that root cause for my issue may have something to do with compatibility of RobotC 4.52 and EV3 with the current 'master' driver suite on Github. I purchased a license for 4.52 thinking I'd be able to use these drivers, but should probably first check for known causes for my problem. It's not clear to me from documentation and example code just what is legacy NXT and just what is intended for, or compatible with EV3 and RobotC 4.52.


I’m trying to compile and run your mindsensors-servo-test1.c example:

* Xander Soldaat (
* 28 November 2009
* version 0.2

From driver suite .txt file

These drivers are for RobotC 3.59 beta and higher and are part of the
version 3.3 of the 3rd Party RobotC Drivers suite.

My RobotC version is:

ROBOTC 4.52 (F/W: 1.52)
Build Date: Dec 8 2015

No matter what I try using the motor/sensor config options, or directly editing the pragma , trying:
#pragma config(Sensor, S1, NXTSERVO, sensorEV3_GenericI2C)

I keep getting the following error:

ERROR, You have not setup the sensor port correctly.
Please refer to one of the examples.
Detected SensorType on port[0]: 0

I’m using the mindsensors NXTServo-v3 board. I can get it to work with the Mindstorms block example, so I know the hardware setup works, and they I2C address seems to be in agreement between the two environments. I’ve also been able to run some of the demos for the Windstorms motors in my Win 7 RobotC environment, so I know all that connectivity works. I notice that in the header of your example for the NXTServo board, and the driver suite, there is no mention of RobotC versions anywhere near 4.52. Could there be an issue with later versions of RobotC that are not backward compatible with the driver suite or NXTServo example? Even when I tried the motor demos, the Motor/Sensor config stuff seems pretty temperamental, and docs appear to be somewhat out of date for RobotC configuration. The config menus in the docs don’t seem to match. The ‘intrinsic’ implementation stuff obscures (at least for me) what’s going on when it tries to do the macro substitutions for the sensor type etc, so I’m having a tough time debugging what’s going on.

Any words of enlightenment appreciated 8)


Author:  mightor [ Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EV3, NXTServo-v3 driver suite, examples, and RobotC 4.52

Hey there,

I have not tested this sensor in quite some time, so I can't be sure what the issue is. I am currently not at home where all my sensors live and won't be back for at least another week. Please ping me in a week or so, so I can take a look at it when I am back at my home office.


= Xander

Author:  wanderoid [ Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EV3, NXTServo-v3 driver suite, examples, and RobotC 4.52

Ok. Thanks for at least responding. If I get time, I'll see if I can narrow down exactly where that message comes from. If it's buried down in the EV3 firmware, If it's an incompatibility with the downloaded EV3 firmware, I may be kind of stuck. I need to see if the firmware source is Open Source and online.

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