Color sensor mixing black and white and reads blue
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Author:  profgass [ Sat Feb 20, 2016 2:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Color sensor mixing black and white and reads blue

We recently noticed our color sensors are mixing black and white color and reads the mix as "blue". This happens when our robot "bounces" of a white line on a black course. The robot is also looking for "Blue" because blue lines indicate the robot has reached a parking lot and needs to park in the parking lot. But when the robot is bouncing off the white line there are many times when the color sensor is half on the white line and half on the black line, at these time the robot thinks it sees blue and now believes it has reached a parking lot. One of our color sensors seems to mix black and white and produces a reading of "brown" instead of "blue". We are not sure of the difference. Is there a way to either eliminate the way the sensor mixes colors or program how the color sensor mixes colors? So that if it is trying to decide between black and white it instead outputs yellow, a color that is not a part of the competition?

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