HELP ... NXT not computing properly ACOS math function
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Author:  rax20T [ Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:19 am ]
Post subject:  HELP ... NXT not computing properly ACOS math function


I'm posting my question previously from NXT IDE forum to this section as it may be more appropriate here. Also as a background, the 2 latitudes and longitudes inputs will be provided by an external bluetooth GPS. I am just making sure that this computational section of the proposed bigger program works and here I am hitting a wall :( .

Any help will be much appreciated.




I'm trying to compute the distance between two lat long locations using Great Circle distance formula. All aspects of the formula works as expected except when acos value is computed! The results of running the program on the nxt running 1.4 firmware can be found in the 2nd image. The values that are not being computed properly starts on line 4 down to line 8. It should be a straight forward computations but for some reason, it is not coming out right. The first image shows the "right" values computed in excel.

Hope somebody out there can help.


The program is as follows:
  task main()
float LatA = 38.95425556;
float LatB = 38.96098333;
float LonA = -92.37601944;
float LonB = -92.36897778;
float RadLatA = (LatA/180)*PI;
float RadLatB = (LatB/180)*PI;

float SinLatA = sin(RadLatA);
float SinLatB   = sin(RadLatB);
float CosLatA   = cos(RadLatA);
float CosLatB   = cos(RadLatB);
float CosLonB_LonA = cos((LonB/180)*PI-(LonA/180)*PI);
float Distrad   = acos(SinLatA*SinLatB+CosLatA*CosLatB*CosLonB_LonA);
float Distdeg   = (Distrad/PI)*180;
float Distance_m = 1.852*60*Distdeg*1000;

nxtDisplayTextLine(0,"sina: %3.8f", SinLatA); //display target GPS heading
nxtDisplayTextLine(1,"sinb: %3.8f", SinLatB); //display target GPS heading
nxtDisplayTextLine(2,"cosa: %3.8f", CosLatA); //display target GPS heading
nxtDisplayTextLine(3,"cosb: %3.8f", CosLatB); //display target GPS heading
nxtDisplayTextLine(4,"coslbla: %3.8f", CosLonB_LonA); //display target GPS heading
nxtDisplayTextLine(5,"Drad: %3.8", Distrad); //display target GPS heading
nxtDisplayTextLine(6,"Ddeg: %3.8f", Distdeg); //display target GPS heading
nxtDisplayTextLine(7,"D_m: %3.8f", Distance_m); //display target GPS heading


File comment: Excel result
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File comment: NXT display
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