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joystick program issue 
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Post joystick program issue
:-( had this program worked before, but right now it cannot work any more. On the NXT brick we get wait for start error.
This is my robotc program:
#pragma config(Hubs,  S1, HTMotor,  HTServo,  none,     none)
#pragma config(Hubs,  S2, HTMotor,  HTServo,  none,     none)
#pragma config(Motor,  mtr_S1_C1_1,     drivemotor1,   tmotorTetrix, openLoop, reversed)
#pragma config(Motor,  mtr_S1_C1_2,     drivemotor2,   tmotorTetrix, openLoop)
#pragma config(Motor,  mtr_S2_C1_1,     motorF,        tmotorTetrix, openLoop)
#pragma config(Motor,  mtr_S2_C1_2,     motorG,        tmotorTetrix, openLoop)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C2_1,    servo1,               tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C2_2,    servo2,               tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C2_3,    servo3,               tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C2_4,    servo4,               tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C2_5,    servo5,               tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C2_6,    servo6,               tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S2_C2_1,    servo7,               tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S2_C2_2,    servo8,               tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S2_C2_3,    servo9,               tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S2_C2_4,    servo10,              tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S2_C2_5,    servo11,              tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S2_C2_6,    servo12,              tServoStandard)
//*!!Code automatically generated by 'ROBOTC' configuration wizard               !!*//

#include "JoystickDriver.c" //Joystick is included in this program

task main()
  int threshold = 15; //to avoid unnecessary movement


  while(true) //infinite loop
    getJoystickSettings(joystick); //retrieves data from the joystick

    if(abs(joystick.joy1_y1) > threshold)
      motor[drivemotor1] = joystick.joy1_y1; //y1 controller moves drive motor
      motor[drivemotor1] = 0;

    if(abs(joystick.joy1_y2) > threshold)
      motor[drivemotor2] = joystick.joy1_y2; //y2 controller moves motorE
      motor[drivemotor2] = 0;
    if(joystick.joy1_Buttons == 128)
      servo[servo1] = ServoValue[servo1]+3;
    if(joystick.joy1_Buttons == 32)
      servo[servo1] = ServoValue[servo1]-3;
    if(joystick.joy1_Buttons == 2)
    servo[servo2] = ServoValue[servo2]-5;
    if(joystick.joy1_Buttons == 4)
      servo[servo2] = ServoValue[servo2]+5;

We are a new team in Massachusetts, any help will be appreciate.

Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:06 pm
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Post Re: joystick program issue
I don't see waitForStart() in your program, so I'm not quite sure why that is happening. But, I can hopefully tell you how to fix it. Try using the "Joystick - Competition" debug window. This window contains radio buttons for teleop ready and teleop running. Click teleop ready, then teleop running, and hopefully it will work.

P.S. Make sure you have waitForStart() in your code before you go to competition!

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Wed Jan 22, 2014 4:08 pm
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Post Re: joystick program issue
if waitForStart() is not part of this program, then it's conclusively in one of the #include files.
As there is just 1 #include file, it's supposed to be a good hint to look there.

Or maybe you wish to look for other posts concerning this issue - I'm not sure why this issue hadn't been finally changed and fixed by the RobotC developers since a long, long time ago...

HaWe aka Ford
#define S sqrt(t+2*i*i)<2
#define F(a,b) for(a=0;a<b;++a)
float x,y,r,i,s,j,t,n;task main(){F(y,64){F(x,99){r=i=t=0;s=x/33-2;j=y/32-1;F(n,50&S){t=r*r-i*i;i=2*r*i+j;r=t+s;}if(S){PutPixel(x,y);}}}while(1)}

Wed Jan 22, 2014 4:53 pm

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Post Re: joystick program issue
Actually, If you guys are an FTC team, remember that the FTC user controlled and autonomous templates are required and should help your case. To find these, instead of opening a new file, select the option "user controlled template".

Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:20 pm
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