Using Sensor ports for output with Vex
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Author:  neocognitron [ Fri Feb 01, 2008 3:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Using Sensor ports for output with Vex


I am a computer science student, and am working with one of the professors here on some machine learning/robotics projects. We are using the Vex platform for much of the stuff, but neither of us (nor anyone else on the project) are expereienced with the platform.
I've spent quite a while trying to dig up more detailed information about the Vex platform, but I still am confused about some things.

Since we have opted to go with Robot C, I thought this might be the best place to ask a few questions.

Probem: I need to send a signal from the Vex computer. I am not dealing with much data, but I would prefer to be able to send a range of numeric values, - and +. Any suggestions would be welcome.

limitation : The tx and rx ports are taken up by a camera.

As far as I can tell the AD I/O ports can only output in digital.
Is this correct?

The interrupt ports can be used as output as well (I think) but also cannot output analog. Is this correct?

Can both the AD I/O and the interrupt ports send PWM signals?

And one last question, if I want to send a value through the I/O do I simply assign the port the value?
const tSensors output1       = (tSensors) in1;  //sensorCustom

//stuff and logic//



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