RobotC Cortex LCD Flow Chart Display
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Author:  tlrmrtn [ Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  RobotC Cortex LCD Flow Chart Display

Well in laymens terms i wish to achieve a robotc program that will allow me to run a Autonomous Code for both sides of the field. IE in vex tossup there are 4 mats 2 on each side, i wish to allow me to have one customized robotc program to one side, and the other. But i wish to do this with a flow chart selection system so my teammates who didnet program can use it in the event im not there. IE, question 1. are you on red or blue (alliances), question 2. Left or right (of the bump), question 3. score or defend (the buckyballs), question 4. goal zone or high goal, Etc. I wish to do this but with my limited progamming knowledge i ask you the people of the internet for your assistance on this manner. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated with a personalized message directly sent to said account.Thank you all so very much!

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