Why do we have two kinds of ROBOTC installers?
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Author:  gb123 [ Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:28 am ]
Post subject:  Why do we have two kinds of ROBOTC installers?

There are two that I downloaded from ROBOTC web;
2.) and ROBOTC IQ.

Here are my questions;

1.) Why do we have two kinds of ROBOTC installers instead of merging all VEX devices?

2.) Is the ROBOTC IQ's turbo C examples for programming the motors, sensors etc. can also
be applicable to Cortex and PIC?

3.) I usually find the code parameter example at "Help" pull down menu at the ROBOTC compiler, and
I noticed that there are many code samples at ROBOTC VEX IQ than the ROBOTC VEX Cortex/PIC.
Can we use the most of the codes (except the joystick) like for motors, sensors, bumper sensor etc from
IQ to Cortex/PIC?



Author:  JohnWatson [ Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why do we have two kinds of ROBOTC installers?

1) ROBOTC for VEX Cortex and PIC 3.0 is the previous version of ROBOTC that has support for the Cortex and PIC platforms. With the launch of the new IQ platform, we created ROBOTC for VEX Robotics 4.0, which has support for the Cortex and IQ platforms. Since the PIC has been discontinued for a while, we are no longer supporting it in future versions of ROBOTC; however, we are working on a free version ROBOTC for PIC 3.0 that will keep PIC users from being left without a programming option.

2) I am unsure of what 'turbo C' examples you are referring to; could you clarify this for me? Thank you.

3) The IQ and Cortex platforms use two different subsets of commands, as each platform has unique features not found in the other. That being said, many of the more common commands (such as the motor, SensorValue, and basic C commands) are shared between the two platforms. You will need to manually convert any parameters (such as motor names) if you choose to go this convert a program from one platform to another. If you have any specific examples you would like for us to look at, please let us know.

Author:  gb123 [ Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why do we have two kinds of ROBOTC installers?

Hi John,
Thanks for your help again.

1.) I read the HELP menu at ROBOTC VEX CORTEX and PIC, it does not have complete motor codes parameter samples.
Can I use the VEX IQ codes parameter to program the VEX CORTEX?
Like for example command parameter;

setMotorSpeed ( );
setMotorTarget ( );
moveMotorTarget ( );
waitUntilMotorStop ( );
setBrakeMode ( );
getMotorTargetCompleted ( );
getMotorOverTemp ( );

getBumperValue ( )

Sorry, I have just read the announcement that we have a new license for the Vex Cortex and IQ both in one package for the 4.0 version.
I will do that first and see if the codes can be used or not in one ROBOTC 4.0 compiler.


Best Regards,

Author:  tfriez [ Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why do we have two kinds of ROBOTC installers?

Nope - the new functions such as "setMotorSpeed" are only available for the VEX IQ as of today. If there was a desire, we could easily port these to the VEX Cortex system. Most VEX Cortex users are accustom to using values like motor[], SensorValue[], nMotorEncoder[] since the VEX Cortex devices only return a single value. All VEX IQ devices are I2C based and have multiple read/write values associated to a single port, hence the need for functions instead of port-based arrays.

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