Non-standard SONAR sensor and pulstrain generation
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Author:  mtl6 [ Fri Nov 21, 2008 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Non-standard SONAR sensor and pulstrain generation

Hey there!

I recently went to Radio Shack and bought a Parallax Ping ))) SONAR sensor to try and make it work for the VEX.

I realize this goes a bit beyond the standard platform and is a bit of a challenge, but here's what I need to program the VEX to do.

The sensor uses one I/O port instead of an I/O and an interrupt. It requires a pulse of 2 microseconds to activate it and then to wait 750 microseconds (where it waits for the echo). Then the sensor sends out a pulse on that same I/O port of variable width that represents the change in time, which the system can take and it can be converted to distance.

Is there a way to generate this pulsetrain? can this sensor work with the Vex and Robot C?

-Mike Lowry

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