Servo control using Sysquake.
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Author:  tasdew11 [ Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:40 am ]
Post subject:  Servo control using Sysquake.


I have to solve an exercise as a part of my course. simulation and response results has to be done in Sysquake LE.

the exercise is about servo tracking control and is as follows.

Investigate the following different controller designs for tracking a manually chosen
constant set-point. Open the Sysquake-file Servo.sq. The servo model
described above is there controlled by the controller of the standard structure
Ru = -Sy + Tr
When opening the file, default is manual control which means that R = T =
1 and S = 0, i.e. u = r. The reference can be manipulated with the mouse
by clicking on the black circle and moving it horizontally. The red circle is the
servo output. Try first to control the system manually to get the feeling for how it
responds. Whenever your input is absolute less than 0.1 the servo stops. Now try
automatic control designs. Click on the Setting menu and choose Controller. The
present controller polynomials coefficients are then shown and you can just edit
there to change controller. In the following designs you should solve polynomial
equations. You may use a function for this. Open polp.sq and write in the
command window
> use _SQ_polp
All functions within polp.sq is now available from the command window. One of
these, solves the polynomial equation. It is defined as
> (X,Y)=peq(A,B,C)
and calculate the polynomials X and Y from the polynomial equation AX +
BY = C, where A, B, C are polynomials in backward-shift representation (i.e.
A = 1 + aq-1 is represented as A = [1 a].) Calculate the following controllers
expressed as R, S and T and input their coefficients in the Setting menu (Controller)
to try them. Choose T as scalar to adjust for steady-state gain one. Comment
the resulting performance.
a) P-controller with Ac = 1 (dead-beat design).
b) A controller with integral action and Ac = 1.

my doubt is:
I have understood that value of C should be 1 because of dead-beat control but what should be the value of A & B in command (X,Y)=peq(A,B,C).

Kindly help.

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