Hitechnic Multiplexor with Proto-board
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Author:  TRWSHSHLX [ Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:08 am ]
Post subject:  Hitechnic Multiplexor with Proto-board


I'm currently programming HTPB through the SMUX with Robotc 3.0.4 and everything works except it showed an error when I tried to use the HTPBsetupIO() function.

After going through the documentation it seems HTPBsetupIO() only works if the HTPB is connected directly to the NXT ports (S1 - 4, tSensors), unlike some of the other functions such as HTPBreadIO(), which can be used when it's connected to S1 - 4, or connected through SMUX (tMuxSensor, msensor_S#_#, # = 1 - 4).

Did I miss something or currently it's not in the drivers?

If not, is it possible to setup individual I/O ports on the HTPB when it's connected to a SMUX?


By the way, really appreciate the clean up of documentation and the sample programs for the HTPB! Also, the implement of SMUX through all the sensors instead of having an individual driver for it helps a lot also. Both the HTPB & SMUX related programs / drivers are much more user-friendly! Thank you!

Author:  mightor [ Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitechnic Multiplexor with Proto-board

You didn't miss a thing. Unfortunately, due to the way the HT Sensor MUX works, you cannot write to the sensors connected to it. That means that a call like HTPBsetupIO(); simply cannot be implemented, the SMUX just doesn't allow for it.
Trust me, if I could add such functionality to my suite, I would gladly do it.

- Xander

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