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Author:  EscVelocity [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Tetrix Platform

Recently our school has started up an FTC team and today we began installing trial versions of RobotC on several of the student's computers. I have been going through a startup guide but have ran into trouble as the platform option of "LEGO Mindstorms NXT + TETRIX" is not present. This only appears to occur on some computers I have tried it on. I have tried 3.x and 4.x trial versions along with 1 licensed 4.x.

From online searches it seems like the most recent version of RobotC does not support Tetrix (yet?) but if this is indeed true I'm not sure why it would appear on some computers with 3.x but not others. Any ideas?

Sorry if this is seems really obvious/easy fix. We're still new to this but hope to get at least some practice going before the September kickoff. Thanks!

Author:  BurningLights [ Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tetrix Platform

When it comes to ROBOTC 4.x, I can tell you the is no Mindstorms +NXT Tetrix menu option. Instead, you select the NXT as your platform, then select the External Motor/Servo Controllers option at the bottom of the Platform Type submenu. As to the option not appearing in 3.x, I'm unfortunately at a loss there. :?

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