VEX Robot - Using Camera and Range Finders
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Author:  tombarnett92 [ Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  VEX Robot - Using Camera and Range Finders

Hi Community,

I wonder if any competent programmers could help me out.

I am trying to design a program in RobotC which will successfully navigate a VEX robot from its start position to an end destination through automation, whilst avoiding obstacles.
As the subject to this topic shows, I am aiming to utilise Ultrasonic Range Finders in detecting obstacles, and then the Camera to locate the final destination (potentially a pattern, colour, or light source).
Can anyone please make any suggestions as to how I go about designing my program? I currently have a very basic segment of code, which utilises the Range Finders by detecting objects and avoiding them. However so far I am using polling, and realistically I would like to drive my program through interrupts.

I appreciate any support that is given. Thanks.

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