Logitech F310 gamepad configuration problems
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Author:  Elohira [ Thu Jun 09, 2016 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  Logitech F310 gamepad configuration problems

I'm having problems using the Logitech F310 gamepad with RobotC
RVW 4.52 (F/W 10 52)
build date Dec 8 2015
Vex cortex 2.0
Logitech F310 gamepad

The following problems appear in the Joystick Control - Basic window using Standard Config
The first value is the button I press on the joystick. The second value is the button that the Joystick Control window thinks was activated
left axis z - btn9 (Back)
right axis z - btn10 (start)
right axis x and y - undefined (nothing happens)
back - btn7 - should be RT
start - btn8 - should be LT
lt and rt show up as the x value of the right axis (Lt is negative, rt is positive)

The a, b, x and y buttons are assigned correctly but on the joystick image in the Joystick Control window, they are in a different
order than on the actual joystick.

If I select custom joystick config, I can adust the axis values, but the button values are ghosted, and can't be changed

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