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How to use and install a Building License file (for ROBOTC Building Licenses)

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This document is a guide to installing your new Building License version of ROBOTC. Follow this guide to install your license file to start using ROBOTC.


You will need:

  • Adminstrator Level Access to the computer that will be using ROBOTC. This computer can be a “master image” computer to be installed on multiple workstations.
  • ROBOTC Installer and any robot platform (LEGO, VEX) specific USB drivers.
  • ROBOTC Building License File(s), contained in the .zip files you received in your e-mail.


Click here to view the Building License Error codes and their definitions >>>

1. Download the .ZIP files from your e-mail account to the computer that will be using ROBOTC.

Sample email:

Receive email



2. Download ROBOTC for your specific platform from the homepage.
If you have more than one building license, you only need to download ROBOTC once.


Download ROBOTC



3. Be sure to download any specific drivers from the same page you download ROBOTC.


Download drivers


Download Drivers 2



4. Install ROBOTC to the computer (this can be a computer that is being prepared to be imaged).


Install ROBOTC


5. Once ROBOTC has been installed, locate the .zip file you downloaded from your e-mail. This .zip file contains your license for ROBOTC. Open this .zip file and leave this window open.


Unzip file  Unzip 2


6. Open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to where you installed ROBOTC on your computer. This is typically:

“C:\Program Files\Robomatter Inc\ROBOTC Development Environment\” or
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Robomatter Inc\ROBOTC Development Environment\”


Copy to ROBOTC folder


7. With both the .zip file open and the ROBOTC installation folder open, copy the license file over from the .zip file to the ROBOTC folder.


Copy file to the ROBOTC folder


8. Make sure you install the correct license file for the correct product. Do not change these names, or else ROBOTC will not be able to locate the license file.


Make sure the file is in the folder



9. Once the License File has been copied, open ROBOTC for the first time by right clicking on the ROBOTC icon and selecting, “Run as Administrator” -- This is required to initialize the building license. (ROBOTC only needs to be ran as an Administrator once.)


Run as Administrator  Run as Administrator



10. Once Inside of ROBOTC, navigate to the “Help - Manage Licenses” menu option.


Manage Licenses



11. From here you can verify that your building license has been installed. You will see your building licenses listed in the license window.

Note: All available products are shown here for illustrative purposes. Only the products which have installed Building Licenses will appear in this list.


Manage License Window


12. If you have more than one building license, you can create desktop icons for these additional products.


Desktop Icons



13. If imaging this machine to roll out onto multiple computer you do not have to perform any additional steps. ROBOTC does not require activation or registration.

If you are running ROBOTC from a centralized server, you will need to download the “ROBOTC Redistributables” available at under the download page for your
platform type. The redistributables pack contain all of the Visual Studio 2008 runtimes required to run ROBOTC on a machine that ROBOTC was not directly installed on.



Useful Information - Building License Error Codes

ROBOTC may present you with an error code if there is an issue when using the Building License system with a license file. Here are some common error codes and
troubleshooting ideas.


Error Code #8 - Unable to Process the License File

This error typically means that ROBOTC is unable to read the license file. The license
file may have become corrupted, or ROBOTC does not have access to read and write to
the license file. Try re-downloading your license file and checking the permissions on the
license file as well.

Error Code #15 - Missing License File

This error typically means ROBOTC cannot find your license file. This could mean that
you have not copied over your license file to the correct directory or the name of the
license file has been changed. Make sure the license file resides in the same directory as
the ROBOTC application and that it also has the correct name.


Error Code #30 - Current System Clock Older Than Last Run Date:

This error occurs when the Windows System Clock has been rolled back to an earlier
time than that last time that you opened ROBOTC. Verify that your system clock is
current and that is has not been set to an earlier date.

If you experience any other error codes, please contact ROBOTC Support.