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Installing more than one version of ROBOTC?

Installing more than one version of ROBOTC?

ROBOTC 4.0 introduces a new and improved way of managing your ROBOTC software, designed to simplify the process of keeping all of your software up-to-date while minimizing the number of downloads and installations you must perform!


Once you have downloaded and installed any version of ROBOTC 4.x, you have everything you need (Drivers excluded). No Additional downloads of ROBOTC software are required; in fact, don't try to download and install additional versions.


Click here for more instructions »

Known Issues

Known Issues

05/06/2011 If you are using SMART Board software, it may prevent ROBOTC from being able to communicate with the Cortex. Click here for instructions on how to resolve this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


ROBOTC 4.x/3.x: How do I Deactivate ROBOTC and move it onto a different machine?

ROBOTC 4.x/3.x includes a License Manager which takes care of all licenses for all ROBOTC products.Click here to learn more »


Installation / Activation / De-Activation

Installation / Activation troubleshooting



How to activate a license

  1. Activation Help with ROBOTC 3.x
  2. Activation Help with ROBOTC 2.x

    How to de-activate a license

  1. How to de-activate a license


  1. Error 42 - After Installation
  2. "Side-by-Side Configuration" Error
  3. Installer "Unable to Save File" Error
  4. List of ERROR CODES and their DEFINITIONS

Installing ROBOTC on a MAC

ROBOTC is a Windows-only software, but it can be installed onto a MAC using Windows virtualization software.

Click here for more information regarding running ROBOTC on a MAC »

Technical / Community Support

Technical / Community Support


  • Forums - An online community of ROBOTC users.
  • Contact Us - Use the contact form to submit a ticket.

Getting Started with the CORTEX (PDFs)

Getting started with the CORTEX

Listed below are a combination of PDFs and videos which will help you get started using the VEX CORTEX. They will take you through building a robot, getting the CORTEX up and running, and writing code.


Build a robot

Dont have a robot built yet? Here is a simple design, complete with step-by-step building instructions.

  1. RECBOT Building Instructions [PDF]


Preparing the Cortex System

ROBOTC requires special firmware to communicate with the Cortex and Joystick controllers.

  1. Download Cortex Master Firmware [Video] - Update the Master Firmware on your Cortex using ROBOTC
  2. Download VEXnet Joystick Master Firmware Part 1 [Video] - Download the latest firmware to your Joystick
  3. Download VEXnet Joystick Master Firmware Part 2 [Video] - Part 2 of downloading firmware on your VEXnet Joystick
  4. Pairing the VEXnet Joystick with the Cortex [PDF] - Pair a VEX Cortex microcontroller to a VEXnet Remote Control
  5. Download ROBOTC Firmware to Cortex [Video]


Download a ROBOTC Sample Program

Sample programs provide already-working examples of how to program in the ROBOTC language.

  1. Download a ROBOTC Sample Program [PDF]


Modifying Code Examples

Make changes to a sample program to see how your modifications affect the robots behavior.

  1. Moving Forward - Program Dissection [Video]
  2. Moving Forward - Reversing Motor Polarity [Video]
  3. Moving Forward - Renaming Motors [Video]
  4. Moving Forward - Timing [Video]

VEX Competition Support

VEX Competition Support


VEX Classroom Competition Examples

ROBOTC Software Configuration and Inspection Guide


Learn to program the VEX CORTEX & PIC


ROBOTC Training