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VEX Robotics Competition

VEX Competitions in the Virtual World

We are happy to announce the latest VEX and VEX IQ competition worlds for Robot Virtual Worlds. Download the level packs today!


VEX Nothing But Net

Nothing But Net Challenges you to program your virtual robot to put as many balls as you can in the Low and High goals.


Click here to learn more about Nothing But Net »

VEX Bank Shot

This year's VEX IQ Challenge requires you to pick up balls and make some tricky bank shots.


Click here to learn more about Bank Shot »


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Free VEX CORTEX and VEX IQ Curriculum

VEX IQ Graphical Curriculum

This curriculum helps new VEX IQ programmers to learn to program VEX IQ Virtual Robots.

Note: Computer headphones are recommended for use in classroom settings.


Click here view the Introduction to Programming VEX IQ curriculum »

VEX CORTEX Video Trainer

This multimedia-rich curriculum features lessons for the VEX Cortex Microcontroller. It includes in-depth programming lessons for ROBOTC, multi-faceted engineering challenges, step-by-step videos, robotics support material, educational resources, and more.


Click here view the CORTEX Video Trainer »


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