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Competing in the Virtual Challenge

The Virtual Challenge involves using ROBOTC's Robot Virtual World software. This enables programmers to use the same code to program both their virtual and real robots.


To Compete, teams will need to:


  • Step 1 – Register for the challenge – the certification course will be instructor lead and be designed to help your team learn to program their VEX IQ robots.

  • Step 2 – Download the software


    If you haven't already done so, click below to download the VEX Highrise level pack, which contains Beltway, the Virtual Challenge::



  • Step 3 – Begin programming your solution

  • Step 4 – Complete all of the challenges and earn an Introduction to VEX IQ Programming Certification


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About the VEX IQ Virtual Challenge

The VEX IQ Virtual Challenge is part of an ongoing research project by Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Academy and the University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center designed to assist robotics teams learning to program.


Participating students will learn programming that enables them to solve this year’s VEX IQ Virtual Highrise Challenge. As they learn they will also earn an Introduction to Robotics and Programming Certification.


Robomatter is pleased to be working closely with the Robotics Academy to create high quality STEM learning experiences, and has agreed to provide access to all related materials FOR FREE this competition season!



Read the FAQs section to learn more about the competition and training.


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Free ROBOTC Graphical Programming Language

ROBOTC’s graphical programming language is designed for beginning programmers. Robomatter has agreed to provide all VEX IQ Virtual Challenge teams with free access to the ROBOTC Graphical Programming Language for VEX IQ, Robot Virtual World Software, VEX IQ Graphical Curriculum, and free technical support!


Step 1) Register for a Free ROBOTC License

Use the form below to register for a free license.


  • Licenses are good through April 30th, 2015.
  • Students have the opportunity to complete a Certification course which will prepare you for programming the VEX IQ.

Once you register you will receive license codes by email. If you wish to purchase a license, visit the ROBOTC Purchase page for VEX Robotics.


Contact Name:
Team Name/School:


**This email address will be used for all future correspondences with this license.


Step 2: Download ROBOTC

Use the link below to download the latest version of ROBOTC to program your VEX IQ:



To download the VEX IQ Highrise Level Pack:


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Free VEX IQ Graphical Curriculum

Select the link below to access a step-by-step guide to program VEX IQ robots using ROBOTC Graphical.

This curriculum helps new VEX IQ programmers to learn to program VEX IQ Virtual Robots.

Note: Computer headphones are recommended for use in classroom settings.


Click here view the Introduction to Programming VEX IQ curriculum »


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Free Online Course: VEX IQ Virtual Highrise 2014-2015

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy’s Introduction to Robot Programming Certification Course provides online guided instruction to help novice programmers learn how to: optimize remote control; use feedback from sensors to help navigate; and identify, lift, carry, and stack blocks autonomously!


Join the CS2N VEX IQ course today and get started.


The live course took place in October and all sessions have been recorded. Recordings are available 24/7 and are located in the course page. A forum is available to help you get all of your questions answered. You can also use the free curriculum today!


Course participants earn badges based on their accomplishments.


Earn a Programming Certificate!


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About Robomatter, Inc.

Robomatter, Inc. is the developer and distributor of the ROBOTC Programming Software, Robot Virtual Worlds 3D simulation software, and also offers robotics hardware and curriculum. You can purchase supplies for the physical VEX IQ competitions, including spare parts, the VEX IQ Challenge Field. Instructor training is also offered several times throughout the year!


Click here purchase VEX IQ Hardware and Software from the Robomatter Store »


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How much does the ROBOTC/Robot Virtual Worlds course cost?
    The course is free to all registered VEX IQ teams and their team members/coaches.

  2. Can I view the recordings for the live sessions?
    All sessions have been recorded and are available online in the course page - users will be able to take the course at their own time and pace.

  3. How can I get questions answered if I have questions?
    You can post questions to the VEX IQ section of the ROBOTC forums.

  4. What software do I need to take the course?
    The course uses ROBOTC and Robot Virtual World software. ROBOTC and Robot Virtual Worlds requires a Microsoft Windows installation. Users participating in the Virtual Worlds component of the class will also need to ensure their computers can handle the Virtual Worlds system requirements.

  5. What if I am using Mac OS X?
    You can use Mac OS X to go through the course, but ROBOTC and Robot Virtual Worlds requires a Microsoft Windows installation. ROBOTC and Robot Virtual Worlds are compatible with software such as Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion, or running Windows natively by using Apple’s Bootcamp software.

  6. When will my software expire? Users will have free access to the ROBOTC and Robot Virtual World software through April 30th, 2015 which enables them to compete in the VEX IQ Virtual Challenge all the way through the VEX World Championship event.

  7. What if I want to use the software longer? After the free license period, users are able to purchase a ROBOTC/Robot Virtual Worlds license to continue using the software. Single licenses are available for as little as $49, a Team license (6 seats) for $149, and a Classroom license (30 seats) for $299. To find out more about purchasing licenses, visit http://www.robotc.net/purchase/vexrobotics/

  8. How do I earn the Introduction to Programming Certification?
    As you complete the robot programming challenges you will be awarded digital badges that enable you (and your online instructor) to track your progress. When you complete all of the programming challenges you will be awarded the Introduction to Robotics Programming Certification!

  9. Is the course hard?
    Anything worth doing is a little hard, but there is lots of help built into the course and you can get help from others. Programming is a community thing.

If you have a question that isn't on here please post on the ROBOTC forums.


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