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General ProgrammingProgramming Tips Tricks → Including custom Libraries

Functions can have default values for their parameters, for example:

void forward( int speed = 100 )
    motor[ port2 ] = speed;   
task main()
    // Forward at default
    forward( );
    // Forward at speed 10
    forward( 10 );
    // Do nothing
    while( true ){

If the function "forward" is called with no parameters then the default of 100 is used.

If you have included your own library of functions, for example:

#include "motorLib.c"

You can suppress warnings about unused functions by including the line:

#pragma systemFile            // eliminates warning for "unreferenced" functions

in the top of that file.

This tip was posted by jpearman over at http://www.vexforum.com/showpost.php?p=220744&postcount=1.