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Getting Started with Arduino

Selcting your Arduino Board

Before you being programming your Arduino in ROBOTC, you'll need to let ROBOTC know which Arduino board you are using. To do this, go to the Robot menu and select Platform TypeArduinoStandard Arduino and choose your board from one of the choices.


Note: If you are using an Arduino 2560, make sure you take a look at the follow page on how to upgrade your bootloader.

Select your Serial Port

Once your Arduino's Type is selected, you'll need to select which serial port the Arduino is connected to on your computer. Go to the View menu and choose Select Communication Port. From here, you'll pick your Arduino board from the dropdown menu.


Downloading Firmware

Now that your board and communication port are both select, it's time to download the ROBOTC Firmware! Go to the Robot menu and select Download Firmware and then choose Standard File. Your firmware will begin downloading instantly!


Note: Downloading ROBOTC's Firmware will not remove the ability to use the Arduino "Wiring" Open Source language.

Opening Sample Programs

ROBOTC has a number of sample programs (and more added every version) for you to learn how to program and use your Arduino board. You can open a sample program by going to the File menu and selecting Open Sample Program. Once you're in the open sample programs directory, make sure you choose your Correct Sample Program Folder for your Arduino.

Gettingstarted-arduino-4.png Gettingstarted-arduino-5.png

Running a Program

Once your sample program has been opened, you can download it to your Arduino controller by going to the Robot menu and selecting Compile and Download.


More Resources

During the BETA period for ROBOTC for Arduino, take a look at our support documenting including functions reference, known issues and other support documents available on the ROBOTC.net Wiki

Join the ROBOTC for Arduino discussion on the ROBOTC.net Arduino Forums

Additional help and support can be found at http://www.robotc.net or by e-mailing support@robotc.net